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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The title of the famous iconic ‘bridge over troubled waters’ composition by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel released in 1970, ironically the year my agency took its first steps with a different leader at the helm, speaks  to the true art of agency as followed by my practice today.   

Whether you are a seller or purchaser, landlord, tenant or investor, the role of my agency is to take you from where you are now over the bridge to where you want to be, safely, securely and with the minimum of stress.  The waters beneath the bridge may seem calm and easy to navigate but we know from experience that it is rarely the case with many unexpected legal, financial and planning challenges just beneath the surface.  Thus we have assembled an expert network of experienced staff, consultants and partners dedicated to achieving this objective.

In terms of outlook and practice we strive to be both a progressive and specialised property marketing agency, one of a limited number of long established, full service, independent agencies trading in the South London area for over 50 years, real local and locally centred property experts, whose trading philosophy is founded on a highly integrated family model, where staff, customers and clients, consultants, network partner and suppliers, work closely together to produce the best outcomes.

I recognise that this collaborative approach is not for everyone and works best for those for whom a close working relationship based on person to person conversations and discussions with their marketing agency is of primary importance and for whom a bridge over potentially troubled waters is an asset worth having.

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