An increasing number of local authorities are considering the licencing of landlords.  A limited number such as the London Borough of Croydon are actively involved in the process and have moved to the next stage of inspecting all licenced properties to ensure that the tenancies and the properties are being maintained in accordance with local authority requirement which often require a higher standard of compliance than that required by legislation.  

It is the landlord’s duty to meet the local authority’s compliance standard. It is not the role of the managing agent to ensure such compliance. 

At the request of the landlords of the Croydon based properties which we manage, we have actively and successfully engaged in the process, by inspecting each property with the local housing inspector, meeting with the tenants, noting all mandatory and advisory requirements highlighted by the inspector, by preparing detailed written reports on the outcome of each inspection and distributing same to each landlord and the local housing inspector.  To assist each landlord we are now organising attendance to both mandatory and advisory issues by our contacting team. 

Clearly this detailed, time consuming and onerous work falls outside our standard management liability and the charge we make and also falls under the category of NON-MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE.  In this circumstance and similar circumstances which fall outside our agreed management responsibility we will make an additional charge for carrying out such work. 

The charge to be made will depend upon the scope and nature of the work involved.  All landlords will be advised of the charge to be made and can then decide whether to request us to act on their behalf or to carry out the works for themselves.

Having said this, our management of the inspection process with the local housing inspector was an outstanding success, which, we understand, cannot be said of the majority of local management businesses engaged in this process. 

Our local housing inspector considers our management of the process to be a shining and professional example of how this type of process should be handled in the interest of the landlords we act for.


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